CBR now specializes in cooling your Jeep. We all know a stock Jeeps Cooling system will often struggle when pushed to its limits off-road and that’s why we now offer a variety of cooling options. Whether you are Dropping in a Hemi, LS or just running  it stock, CBR will have an option to keep you running cool out on the trail. Jeep Radiator’s feature CBR’s new Extreme Performance Extruded Tube Cores which offer top of the line performance while improving reliability.

High Performance Standard Replacement JK Radiator 2007-2017

Part # Dimensions Thickness w/Fans Coolant Filler Inlet/ Outlet Fans CFM’S Core Style Oil Cooler Application
N/A N/A YES 1.5″ / 1.5″ N/A  N/A 52mm Extreme Performance Extruded Tube Core No 2007-2017 JK Radiator Stock Configuration