About Us


CBR Performance Products, Inc. has a number of years of hands on experience, from Motocross Racing, Road Racing to Off-Road Racing. We spend numerous hours on Research & Development to provide the highest quality product on the market Private race teams have always been a hugh part of CBR, we rely on their feed back from our products to guarantee the performance we offer. We continue to use the information everyday across the world to help develop our next product.


The entire crew at CBR takes pride and care in providing you, the customer, with quality products and service. At CBR, we believe a product is only as good as the service behind it. Because we are racing and performance enthusiasts, we go the extra mile to provide the product and service you need by attending races and events, including major weekends out at Glamis and/or Ocotillo Wells. Our staff is constantly aware of your racing needs and understands the importance of deadlines. At CBR, we strive everyday to give you 100% customer satisfaction.


Quality is the most important part in the manufacturing process here at CBR. Each component is carefully chosen to ensure our customers with the very best quality and performance in all of our products. When building a production and/or custom unit, we have established various quality control checkpoints to ensure our customer is getting the best performance product in addition to using the highest quality materials. CBR provides everyone with our fabrication technology, including AutoCad Design and Hand Built race proven products. CBR only uses oven brazed core construction, which eliminates the use of opoxy. These cores provide you, the customer, maximum durability in the most extreme conditions imaginable. To ensure the CBR quality, every radiator, oil cooler and everything between is QC’d before it moves to shipping & receiving. All our product feature the highest American Made quality aluminum. 100% Tig welded and polished to a near chrome shine to ensure the customer with the very best product on the market.


All of the CBR line has evolved from countless hours of Research, Development and Testing from well known race teams ranging from Off-Road, Short Course, Rally, Rock Crawlers, Drift, Drag, and Hot Rod. Many teams and/or individuals who use CBR products, are winning championships and seeing podium finishes.